Space Exhibition of Cosmonautics Day

After opening of exhibition dr Béla Magyari – who was back-up Hungarian cosmonaut for Bertalan Farkas – and Nándor Schuminszky – who a BIS member – have delivered a lecture on Soyuz history and cosmonaut training.
Unfortunately many clouds failed observation of stars and other objects.

Soviet launcher versions from R-7 to Soyuz (scale 1:144). The launchers next Vostok spaceship, Gagarin match-boxes, stamps and original piece of parachute cable of Vostok-2 (Schuminszky space collection).


Soyuz-36 model (scale 1:30) and the original Soviet-Hungarian space mission emblems (Schuminszky space collection).


Soyuz LOK and Zond 7K-L1 scale 1:30 (Schuminszky space collection).


LK lunar lander (scale 1:30) stands in a Moon crater. It was a dream…(Schuminszky space collection).


ISS space station (scale 1:144). The Orbiter is next. (Schuminszky space collection).



Soyuz-35 capsule and parachute (scale 1:30) and a piece of original parachute. The model parachute made by mother in law. It was a surprise for my 52th birthday (Schuminszky space collection)