International Dark-Sky Symposium and Astronomy Camp

3rd International Symposium for Dark-Sky Parks and 3rd International
Dark-Sky Camp:  6 – 10 September 2010, Lastovo Island Nature Park,

In this exciting gathering on a rare topic we are welcoming astronomers, site managers, representatives of international and national (non-governmental) organisations, experts in biology, (eco)tourism, natural and cultural heritage, lighting industry, etc.

Topics to be discussed are light pollution, values of natural night-sky, efforts to include astronomy and the nocturnal side into nature conservation activities and many more. The Symposium comprises quality lectures, field-trips around the island and the archipelago, and night observations at 400 m above sea level.
Please refer to for further information and start thinking of spending your late summer days in the embrace of an Adriatic jewel with possibly one of the darkest sky in Europe – all this just next to you!

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