Catch a star! 2013

"Catch a Star!" includes more than one competition, so there is something for everyone. The idea of the program is to encourage students to work together, to learn about astronomy and discover things for themselves by researching information.

The goal of the European Astronomy Contest "Catch a Star" is to stimulate the creativity and independent work of students, to strengthen and expand their astronomical knowledge and skills, and to help the spread of information technologies in the educational process.

All students that:
*have studied in European countries during the current year, and/or
*have a strong interest in astronomy and information technology,
are invited to participate.

The contest includes developing and presenting astronomy projects online.
The deadline is the 31st of May, 2013, at 17:00 Central European Time.
After the deadline all projects will be publicized on the project’s webpage.

For more details see EAAE’s website: EAAE-Catch a Star